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  • Anonymous - 2010-06-18


    Okay, first off I have been an Ubuntu user for many years (since Breezy), and I've played Chromium a little bit here and there since near the beginning, discovering it by searching for games in the old synaptic package manager.

    So this little topic is just an open discourse on feature requests.  Sorta a brainstorming thread, so to speak.  I figure once I've babbled on and on for awhile, something intelligible will come out of it.  And if that does happen, then perhaps someone (maybe me) will move the bit to the official feature requests page.

    I see that there is already a couple of points about sounds, and I have a couple of points here.  First off, in the *old* Chromium, I seem to remember the music (and maybe other sounds) being slightly different - more aggressive sounding than they are now.  I kinda liked the old music better.  The other point is that I agree that a greater array of sounds are desirable, and that sounds from firing/hitting various ships could all be different.  BUT I think that's a bit overwhelming.  I suggest making a few upgrades here and there to the sound (and perhaps other aspects), and then updating the repositories with sub-versions.

    Adding some new weapons would be a *huge* boost to game fun.  For example, if you could pick up a weapon that was firable with your right mouse button (and switch the self-destructy thing to a keyboard key), such as a rocket with limited supply, that would be totally rad.  And then the next step (perhaps later sub-version) would be to have choosable weaponry with your scroll-wheel.  Other innovative weapons could be something like a nuke that fires about half-way up the screen and detonates with a moderate blast radius.  And further to the more wild and crazy options could be a frost weapon that causes opposing ships to stop in place for a brief amount of time, and perhaps a "vampiric" weapon that absorbs other ship's shields/hulls to recover some of your own health.

    Finally, and perhaps interconnected with the above treatise on weaponry, you could have a ship upgrade to either facilitate greater health/shield pool and/or carry greater weapon payload.

    So I realize these are pretty sweeping changes (well, some of them are anyway), and *I* am in no way a developer, so take everything I am suggesting with a grain of salt.  I think the biggest thing to note is that the game play has not changed noticeably in the last few years, and I don't think that's necessarily the right way to go.  On the other hand, maybe there is a Chromium 2 in the works, and if that's the case well … my suggestions still stand!  :D

    Finally, I am not a programmer and have no skill or time to devote learning the skill.  However, I am willing to help where I can, with help text, menus, beta testing, and so forth.


  • Paul Wise

    Paul Wise - 2010-06-19

    The old music and sounds were removed because they were not under a FLOSS license:


    The weapons ideas sound pretty cool. I don't personally have the time or skills to do the artwork/audio for them. I also don't know enough about the weapons code to add them yet.

    My focus for now is to keep working on existing bugs in the game, port it to new platforms and APIs and other minor things. One of the other developers was planning to do new gameplay stuff (malachix started chromium2) but he doesn't seem to be working on that yet.

    If you know any languages other than English, a new translation could be a cool way to start contributing.


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