#16 Fails to display embedded images in special case chm files

version 0.3

The chm file viewer cannot display embedded images in a special
case of chm files.

After un-packing a set of .chm files which was plagued with the
problem, i managed to discover something peculiar about these

What is special about that particular group of .chm files is that they
seem to be created by some arbitrary automated chm file generator
which has a unique type of image name formatting scheme.
Examples of image names would be as follows:

1/ UnusualImageName.gif;380140
2/ WeirdNameFormat.jpeg;329679

So it appears like chmox is unable to make proper parse judgements
when handling and reading these elements within the file.

I have managed opened these same chm files with ms windows
native chm file reader running on Xp pro., and apparently the image
display issue is not present on this platform.
Somehow the ms windows chm viewer is either fully aware of this
special format or simply ignores all a characters after the image files
extension, and perhaps ultimately does some filename
reconstruction on reading each element whose name contains an
image extension(*.PNG*,*.JPEG*,*.jpg*,*.gif*,etc) within it or as the
above REAL example name format suggest a separator such as
semi-colon, where each character including and after the semi-colon
is ignored or something when reading the elements.

After manually removing the semi-colonized appendage in all the
image file names, and recompiling the HTML documents, everything
was back to normal; all images were displayed.

Im looking forward to seeing this issue resolved as soon as possible
, as it seems like the chmox is such a useful program, and this
problem could really undercut its real value. keep up the good work.

for any additional info i could be reached at:


  • Stephane Boisson

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    Fixed for 0.4

  • Stephane Boisson

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