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Console 0.7.5

The new Console v0.7.5 has just been released and features some very important bug fixes making it error free to install old or new modules. Furthermore the storing of already installed information is now much more efficient and space conserving. Only one functionality has been added, the ever so popular tab for finishing file paths.

Posted by Swizec 2007-04-01

Console v0.7.4

A lot has been done with the silent release of version 0.7.3 and some minor bugs have been fixed for 0.7.4. The most prominent new feature is the file downloading function with dynamic progress and there is now less chance that installation will stop because of an error in one of the config files.

Posted by Swizec 2007-02-04

New ClB Console version

Chlorine Boards console version 0.7.2 has just been released. There isn't much new from the previous version but what there is new is a great improvement of a few annoying things. It now notifies the user if allow_url_fopen is disabled in the php.ini, and it features a better config insertion on module installing that automatically updates things instead of making multiple instances.

Posted by Swizec 2006-07-09

Chlorine Boards set for SourceForge

Today Chlorine Boards, which has been in production for some time, has been set up to use CVS and sourceforge. The download should be that of the console which then installs whatever is needed automatically. More information on how to use ClB can be found on the official website.

Posted by Swizec 2006-06-14