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Release 1 is out

The setup file for release 1 is now out. Please read the release notes to see what it can and can't do at the moment.

Posted by Jon Shute 2002-09-01

Software will be released on the 1st

The first release of NInstall will be on the first of September, and this version will be followed by a series of small upgrades over time as I add new features. This version probably isn't going to be able to handle embedded CAB files, but the version after will.

Posted by Jon Shute 2002-08-30

Version 1 will be released soon.

The application can now import and then export MSI files as long as they don't contain embedded files. My next task is to add Orca style editing and then I will release version 1, which will only support installing files that aren't embedded inside the MSI file. Version 1.1 will add the ability to deal with embedded CAB files and start to add more advanced editing capabilities through dedicated UI elements.

Posted by Jon Shute 2002-08-21

Creating MSI files

I am currently testing the ability to create a new project, and then have that project compile to an MSI file. When this is done I will be turning my attention to editing the installer, with an Orca style interface being implemented first.

Posted by Jon Shute 2002-08-13


Just to let you know that my next task is to generate the blank template file that is needed so I can writ ethe "New File" usecase. After that I am going to start on the actual editing of the MSI files, probably with the registry table.

Posted by Jon Shute 2002-07-24

Source Files

I have started uploading the latest source files into CVS. At the moment I'm concentrating on the files I am actually working on, so the Cabinet reading classes are first up.

Posted by Jon Shute 2002-07-20

User Interface

I'm currently looking at several user interface options for the application. The first is a standalone exe like we have now. The second is to integrate with visual studio and the third is to hook into SharpDevelop. If anybody has a preference, or ideas then feel free to suggest them.

Posted by Jon Shute 2002-07-12

We're back

I'm back on the project after serious crunch time on a real life project. I'm aiming to get full rount trip compilation and importing sometime soon, and after that generating upgrades is the next task.

Posted by Jon Shute 2002-04-24

We're still here

Although there haven't been that many updates recently development is still continuing for this project with the immediate goal being to simplify how the installers can be made and edited. Support for NAnt is also being investigated.

Posted by Jon Shute 2002-01-06

More progress

I've finally got enough time to put some more serious effort into the project. Latest change is loading and saving for the native format. Next comes loads of table definitions and then a way for editing them.

Posted by Jon Shute 2001-09-30


Most of the progress in the last week or so has been with the unit test framework that we're using, but now that that's stable it's back to the main code.

Posted by Jon Shute 2001-05-17

Source code

The initial source code has been uploaded into CVS.

Posted by Jon Shute 2001-04-18

Project Status

The project is progressing towards the first goal, which is a pretty large one of being able to import and export all core tables from MSI files and load and save this data in native format. The project homepage has a message board where you can start to discuss any features that you may want so that I can progress the design beyond just what I need.

Posted by Jon Shute 2001-04-16