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#9 Cmd+Tilde to toggle through multiple VNCs


The Cmd+Tilde that toggles through application windows in other applications does not work the same way to switch between multiple VNC windows on Chicken. This would be very useful :D


  • dustinac

    dustinac - 2012-08-01

    I agree that it would be nice to have this as an option. To be clear the reason that Cmd-Tilde doesn't switch between windows (and Cmd-Q doesn't quit Chicken) is that the default is to send almost all keystrokes to the remote computer. For most menu items, there's a way to override this in Preferences, but there's not currently that possibility for Cmd-Tilde and a few other things.

  • AniChari

    AniChari - 2013-07-25

    Maybe an interface like CoRD ( which allows for multiple windowed connections to be managed in one window or use traditional methods as well with Cmd } or { to cycle through them.


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