Dead keys does not work with chicken

  • dannchr

    dannchr - 2011-09-12


    I'm using chicken on a Mac with Danish keyboard layout to connect to a linux box.

    Unfortunately I cannot get the dead keys to work at all with Chicken. No matter what kind of key combinations I use the dead keys are ignored - as if I hadn't pushed them. This is really annoying as I quite often need the `(back tick)  which is on a dead key.

    Is this a known limitation in Chicken, or is something that is particular to my setup?

    I guess it is possible to work around by using a keyboard layout without dead keys, but I would like a solution that works with the standard keyboard layout.

    I have tried to use the keyboard viewer and the special character viewer, but cannot insert the ` character this way either. :(

    Is there a way to get Chicken to work with the dead keys?


  • dustinac

    dustinac - 2011-09-16

    You're correct that Chicken doesn't handle dead keys. This can sometimes be worked around by using a key combination that produces the dead key on the server, but it seems that this doesn't work in your case. Hopefully, some day, Chicken will support dead keys properly, but I can't make any promises as to when.

    Just so I understand the problem correctly, let me make sure I understand what you're trying. On the Danish keyboard, immediately to the left of the backspace key, there's a key for inserting an acute accent. If press shift and acute accent at the same time and then space, then I get a back tick, using, for example, Terminal. If I try this in Chicken, the shift-acute has no effect and it just produces a space. Is this how you're doing to try to produce a back tick?

    If I use the Special Characters chooser and double click on the back tick, then I get no result, as you say. However, if I instead drag the back tick to the Chicken window, then I get that character in the remote system. Have you tried dragging or does this not work for you?

  • dannchr

    dannchr - 2011-09-16

    Yes that is how I tried.

    I hadn't thought about dragging the character. That works for me too! Thanks for the workaround. Not very elegant but at least it works. I'll consider mapping the back tick to a different key, or create an anternative key layout without dead keys for when I work though Chicken.

    Thanks for the advice!


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