How do I get out of Full Screen Mode?

Syn Thetic
  • Syn Thetic

    Syn Thetic - 2013-04-22

    I remotely connected to & logged in to my PC in Full Screen Mode & now I can't exit. How do I get out of Full Screen Mode without something like powering off my Mac?

    With the PC & Linux versions of VNC I've used they all have menu bar across the top. CVNC does not. PLEASE help me. Thank you!

  • Syn Thetic

    Syn Thetic - 2013-04-22

    Where would the world be without Google??? I did a Google search for how to exit Full Screen Mode & found the answer here:

    "Exiting From Full-screen Mode In Chicken of the VNC on Mac OS X"

    To exit from full screen mode, use the key sequence:
    [CTRL] + [alt/option] + [Apple/Command] + [`]

    • That is, while holding down the COMMAND, OPTION, and CONTROL keys, hit the back-tick key (the key to the left of the number 1 key with the tilde "~".)
  • Roger Pack

    Roger Pack - 2014-01-22

    I agree--full screen mode is scary hard to get out of. If you're in single monitor you can become trapped in chicken, with no help out!

    Suggestion/feature request: make right click on the menu bars (or the little space between them) do something, like popup a menu that offers you the option of getting out of it. Or add the menu thing at the top of the client like RDP and logmein do, if you leave you mouse there long enough.
    Remembering the keystroke necessary is hard...


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