Specify Saved Server -OR- PW via Command Line

  • Carl Pearson

    Carl Pearson - 2012-04-14

    Excellent fork of COTVNC.  Seems much more stable & responsive.

    Just wondering if any thought had been given to adding either of these options.  I know, Mac is mostly a Gui thing, but there are plenty of us that like the keyboard too!  Would be nice to run a script & have the remote window just pop up.  (Especially as SSH tunneling still seems to be hosed, so one needs to script that part anyway…)

    Without having some flavor of VNC server installed, there's no way to generate a password.
    The options shown from ./MacOS/Chicken -help seem pretty limited.  Am assuming the -Profile option is regarding connection profiles, not saved servers.  Haven't found where saved servers are stored anyway.

    Anyone else interested in this?

  • dustinac

    dustinac - 2012-04-14

    I guess it's not in the -help message, but you can specify a saved server by name on the command line. No flags needed. It will use the saved password if you've stored one with the server. For what it's worth, the saved servers are stored in ~/Library/Preferences/net.sourceforge.chicken.plist.

    What do you mean about ssh tunneling being hosed? It works for me and if you know of a scenario where it breaks, then I can try to fix it.


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