I found about xlhtml via xlhtml.org and yahoo message boards, both which seem to be very out of date.  I didn't know about anything beyond .5 and didn't have C. Wyble's latest email.  I posted below message to yahoo.  Not getting a reply, this past weekend I mostly added support to .5 for hidden colums and possibly some bug fixes.  I just downloaded the post .5 stuff from sourceforge (why isn't there one link to download the latest cvs snapshot?) and will see about integrating my changes into that (hopefully after first discussing them here).  I have some other changes I need to make for my current project, and would like to discuss all of this.
For introduction, I am Tom Friedel, tom@readyink.com, http://www.readyink.com, UNIX programmer of 20 years.
thank you,

Is anyone actively doing anything with xlhtml? Apparently .5 on the
chicago site is most recent, and xlhtml.org is outdated? I have a
project where I've given up on ExcelAnywhere, WIN32::OLE,
Spreadsheet-ParseExcel, and this is the last resort. My spread big
sheet bombed, but I might start making some small test sheets and
seeing what happens. Just wanted to know if anyone cared. Here is a
diff that causes the background color in the cells to show up.
thank you,
tom friedel