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Chiba 0.9.1 released

This is mainly a maintainance release which fixes some issues with the installation. Namely the xerces + xml-apis have been added again to the war-files. Other modifications are limited to smaller corrections to Schema2XForms builder, import statements and javadoc. Chiba provides an implementation of the W3C XForms standard, thereby delivering generic, xml-based form-processing for the web.

Posted by Joern Turner 2003-08-21

Chiba 0.9 released

Chiba is an Java implementation of the upcoming W3C XForms standard. This release is now about 90% feature compatible with the new Proposed Recommendation and adds DOM Event support, Dependency Recalculation, improved and simplified rendering, request parameter mapping and a complete reworked object-model.

Posted by Joern Turner 2003-08-13

Chicoon 0.1 released

Chiba provides an implementation of the W3C XForms standard, thereby delivering generic, XML-based form-processing for the web. This is the first release of the Chiba/Cocoon (Chicoon) integration package. By integrating Chiba into Cocoon the power and functionality of Chiba's XForms processing is now available to any Cocoon application. The set of special connectors in Chicoon enables the Chiba processor to directly interact with the Cocoon environment, thereby utilizing Cocoon's powerful XML processing capabilities. Chicoon uses Chiba 0.8 and is tested under Cocoon 2.0.4.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-04-03

Chiba 0.8 released

Chiba is a web-based implementation of the upcoming XForms standard and allows to use this technology with today's browsers without any plugins or special requirements on the client-side.
This version features an Ant-based XML Schema to XForms generator, a completely reworked UI Generation, many fixes and improved conformance especially with Scoped Resolution and nested Repeats.

Posted by Joern Turner 2003-03-21

Chiba 0.7 released

Chiba is a web-based Implementation of the W3C XForms 1.0 Candidate Recommendation. The new version features XForms validation and calculation and further improvements in conformance to the Candidate Recommendation.

Posted by Joern Turner 2002-12-10

Chiba 0.7 Preview Release

Chiba is a web-based Implementation of the W3C XForms 1.0 Candidate Recommendation. Current release focussed on refactoring and cleanup and is largely conformant to the CR. Although refactoring is not complete in all areas, major improvements in others justify this preview.

Posted by Joern Turner 2002-11-22

Chiba 0.6.3 released

Chiba is a web-based W3C XForms Implementation. This release adds some bug-fixes and closer adherence to the current Spec.

Posted by Joern Turner 2002-06-14

Chiba2 V0.1 released

Chiba2 is a W3C XForms generation toolkit. It provides tools for building XForms applications. This first release includes a fully functional XML Schema to XForms generator.

Posted by Joern Turner 2002-06-10

Chiba released

Chiba, the web-based XForms processor has released a maintainance version which fixes a bug in the distribution.

Posted by Joern Turner 2002-03-26

Chiba 0.6.2 released

Chiba has released ver 0.6.2 of its XForms Processor which brings it much closer to the current Spec. with support for multiple instances, bindings, constraints, validation, calculation and more.

Posted by Joern Turner 2002-03-15

Chiba 0.6.1 released

Chiba 0.6.1, a web-based W3C XForms implementation has released a new version with lots of bugfixes and greatly improved performance.

Posted by Joern Turner 2002-01-29

Chiba 0.6 release fixed

the initial release files were broken. This has been fixed now.

Posted by Joern Turner 2002-01-04

Chiba 0.6 released

Chiba 0.6, an implementation of the evolving W3C XForms for the web has been released with better conformance, performance and restructured code.

Posted by Joern Turner 2001-12-28

Chiba 0.5 released

The first version (0.5) of the Chiba XForms Processor has been released and is available from the Chiba Project Summary Page.

Posted by Joern Turner 2001-10-18

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