This is because the default path compiled into the engine is an empty string. See 


I edited that line in the source code, changing the empty string into "./", and recompiled. The engine binary now finds tablebase files in its own directory. However, the SyzygyPath option still does not appear in the chessx Edit->Preferences->Engines->Options list. This appears to be a chessx bug.

If you are able to compile on your own, you might get the Stockfish code from 


and edit line 88 of ucioption.cpp to hard code the absolute tablebase path you want. Then compile and add the resulting engine to chessx. You'll then see the SyzygyPath option (perhaps truncated in appearance) and the engine will use the tablebases.

Instead of this, you might also try filling in the Directory box in the chessx Edit->Preferences->Engines panel with your tablebase path, or with a path to a directory that contains a link to the tablebases.

Gotta run, but perhaps this will help.


On May 31, 2014, at 5:24 AM, Тарас Бойчук wrote:

Hi all!

It seems option "SyzygyPath" is not accessible for Stoskfish engine (both in Linux and Windows) from Edit->Preferences->Engines->Options.
How to correct it?

Тарас Бойчук
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