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Code remake

This time I'm going to do a remake of all the code and taking consideration of stability.
I'm in heavy planning stage at the moment and soon some code will exist in cvs as well, don't know what the module name will be though.
Also the code will not be that usefull yet.

Posted by Patrik Maunus 2004-07-26

project slowed down

As more and more of my free time gets occupied I don't have as much time as usuall to program Cherubim. Although I won't stop.
Cherubim can now parse a CB and fill in the values in the fields and bugs still exist.
Would be much easier if I got some bug reports :)...

Posted by Patrik Maunus 2004-04-08

Age 24 Beta Up

I have uploaded the version wich is hopefully compatible with the Utopia age.

Posted by Patrik Maunus 2004-03-25

Global Warming

Well, seems that the project got interesting again ;)... contributions comments anything is welcome...

Posted by Patrik Maunus 2004-03-25

Ice Age

Cherubim has been put on ice as Utopia is changing and I don't really know how to keep up with all the changes.
I have another project ( Utopia based ) on the side wich is a little mor exciting.

Posted by Patrik Maunus 2004-03-16