I just discovered that I sent that whole thing in HTML...*very* sorry about that, I'm stuck with Outlook here at work and I'm not used to dealing with it....

So, here it is again, in text this time (I think).

[ Note: I may be *totally* missing the point of what CHello is.....I'm new to Cocoon and CHello alike. ]

<as I understand it>
Given that CHello is meant as the "Hello World" for Cocoon, it could logically be converted into a very useful resource of tutorials and examples introducing various aspects of Cocoon processing/usage techniques.

</as I understand it>

The Apache sites generally provide enough information to install the software and get it up and running, but beyond that they provide little more than links for further information gathering.  This is fine with me (and IMHO, the way it should stay), but having a central repository of HOWTO's and related information for Cocoon would be an excellent resource to have, and I think CHello is currently already pointing in that direction....it just needs to start moving that way.

Is there already a central site for cocoon related information?  I'm thinking of something along the lines of vim online (http://vim.sf.net) except geared more towards introductory information....although, I would see no reason to turn away "veteran tips".....

At any rate, upon first finding/visiting chello I got the impression that the site was just begging to go in that kind of direction...and seeing as how there doesn't seem to be anything else of the sort around (yet), well, why not do it?  Granted, the amount of work involved in getting something like that together isn't minimal, but once you make your intentions known to the cocoon-users list (and whatever other resources you can think of) you might be able to get enough volunteers and contributors to make the individual workloads reasonable.....or just go under the lovely Open Sourced principal of "it'll be done when its done"...

So, that's my bit for today.... waddaya think?
- The overly enthusiastic rookie, Tom.

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> We'd like to keep Chello as general as possible. This is
> difficult to define
> if an given functionality is "general" or not. More, a
> component can be
> reusable, interesting for many persons, but not "general". (like an
> authentication manager for Gemstone, for instance (-; )
> So i think specific stuff should not be part of the standard
> distribution.
> Nevertheless,  I think we can host it as sub-projects under the Chello
> project.
> -- Cyril
> Phil Blake wrote:
> > Just as a matter of interest, is there anyone else lurking
> on this list?
> >
> > I am writing an authentication manager that uses GemStone Object
> > Database as it's storage. This is the kind of thing that
> you only ever
> > do once with each server environment.
> >
> > Although I don't expect that there are that many people
> using GemStone
> > and cocoon, I believe these kinds of tools should be
> collected and made
> > available to the chello project. I would like to see chello
> be not only
> > a great base for starting any cocoon project, but an
> excellent set of
> > resources that provide solutions to common problems.
> >
> > That is all.
> >
> > Any comments or ideas?
> >
> > Thanks. Have fun,
> >
> > Phil
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