I don't know why you're storing generated artifacts in the SVN and not just the source, but if you really want to do this, look at the "use-commit-times" SVN option which looks like it should preserve the template's timestamp.


On 30/09/10 12:04, James Simpson wrote:

We are using an SVN and this is storing the templates and the resulting created files.

However whenever we have to re-checkout our templates (e.g. on a clean install) this changes the modified date even if we haven’t actually modified anything within the file. Is there a way to simply not include the modified date in the resulting created files (e.g. an option in the settings like the addTimestampsToCompilerOutput which we use to stop it upsetting the SVN when generating files from templates).


A similar option to turn off this field would be useful (if this could be added) I’m just wondering if there is something already built in to stop this upsetting our svn?


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