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Cheese Boys / News: Recent posts

0.2.0 version (pathfinding)

The 0.2.0 version of Cheese Boys is available for download!
This new version add no game elements but only new features like the stealth mode for the player (a real rogue-like game!) and the pathfinding feature. This results in a more strong enemies!

Posted by Luca Fabbri 2009-04-26

Version 0.1.1 is out!

Alpha version 0.1.1 is available for download.
More feature has been added, and many bugs fixed.
Also now levels are displayed in more dark color, to better give a feeling of the night effect.

Posted by Luca Fabbri 2008-12-23

Version 0.1.0

The new release of Cheese Boys is here!

A lot of new functionality, and a promise to become a very nice and funny game!

Spacial thanks to "The Mage" from the community, for helping me giving a new character set!

Posted by Luca Fabbri 2008-11-15

Cheese Boys leave the pre-alpha state

The Cheese Boys game is becoming mature to begin real game development.
The game engine is transforming. We'll be able shortly to develop not use this game, but many other, using it!
Even the use of PyGame ( is enhanced.

Posted by Luca Fabbri 2008-08-16