#8 Alert user when run is terminated early


Currently, if the operator stops the current run, an email is sent giving exactly the same type of information as is sent at the normal end of a run.

Sometimes it is possible to tell from the email that something abnormal happened - for example, if the run takes 3 hours rather than the usual 19 hours. If the run was terminated close to the end of the normal run, then it may not be so obvious that something has happened - for example, if the run was terminated after19.5 hours rather then the usual 20 hours

It would be useful to know that the run was terminated early. Only a low priority - I would much rather see feature request to add the number of items checked to the end of run email (https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3057078&group_id=312542&atid=1315492). That feature request would also help to point out that the run was terminated early.


  • margotc

    margotc - 2012-02-28
    • assigned_to: nobody --> margotc
  • margotc

    margotc - 2012-02-28

    Check to see if has been addressed by changes made by M Still.


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