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Checkstyle Sonar Plugin 3.4

Short description of the version:
Issue #54: update to checkstyle 7.4
Issue #52: checkstyle-sonar-plugin does not work with sonar 4.5.2 and 4.5.4 require upgrade to 5.6.4
Issue #49: TC badge was added
Issue #48: findbugs is activated, but there are some cases to investigate in excludes
Issue #47: pmd is enforced on whole code
Issue #46: enforce strict code coverage by cobertura
Issue #45: Some Checvkstyle violations are resolved
Issue #44: upgrade to sonarqube 4.5.4 api
Issue #28: added test to verify read more

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-12-31

Checkstyle 7.4

Checkstyle 7.4 -


Support LITERAL_SYNCHRONIZED token for NoWhitespaceAfter Rule
google_checks.xml : NO space is allowed method method name and its arguments
Support more tokens in WhitespaceAfter check
Checker: option to allow printing exception as violation and continue execution
ImportControl: allow to load files from resources... read more

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-12-31

Checkstyle Sonar Plugin 3.3

checkstyle-sonar-plugin 3.3 -

Issue #37: upgrade to checkstyle 7.3
Issue #28: fix broken rules test (#50)

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-12-24

Checkstyle Sonar Plugin 3.2

checkstyle-sonar-plugin 3.2 -

Issue #36: upgrade to checkstyle 7.2

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-12-23

Checkstyle Sonar Plugin 3.1.1 and 3.1.2

checkstyle-sonar-plugin 3.1.1 -
checkstyle-sonar-plugin 3.1.2 -

updated to use checkstyle 7.1.1 and 7.1.2
..... for all changes please read release notes

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-12-23

Checkstyle Sonar Plugin 3.1

checkstyle-sonar-plugin 3.1 -

first release from community
updated to use checkstyle 7.1
..... for all changes please read release notes

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-12-16

Sevntu Checkstyle 1.23.0

Sevntu Checkstyle 1.23.0 -

Bug fixes:
bug - ForbidCertainImportsCheck: null excludes gives no violations.
bug - ConfusingConditionCheck: NPE from CS. Done by rnveach.
bug - ReturnCountExtendedCheck takes into account 'returns' in lambdas .
bug - Checkstyle Package XML should be in core library JAR .

Huge amount of internal update to code

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-12-10

Checkstyle 7.3

Checkstyle 7.3 -

Breaking backward compatibility:

Javadoc grammar: Delete child nodes in Javadoc TEXT node


Update Google style coverage to state of 12 July 2016
Modules and XDocs: changed setter methods to recieve similar types with field type for easier xdoc validation
CLI: Cannot override default Checker
ParameterNameCheck: new scope and excludeScope properties
google_checks.xml CustomImportOrder problem... read more

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-11-25

Sevntu Checkstyle 1.22.0

new Check: ForbidAnnotationElementValueCheck
update to eclipse-cs 7.2
update to jdk8

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-11-20

Checkstyle 7.2

Checkstyle 7.2 -


DesignForExtension: consider overridable methods and javadoc
ImportControl: allow regex in subpackage elements.
Allow WhitespaceAround for ARRAY_INIT token

Bug fixes:

Inconsistency in AST tructure for block-comments
Checker Cache invalidated falsely on load in second run due to external resources
Wrong warning from AvoidEscapedUnicodeCharacters
Add METHOD_REF to the list of valid tokens for OperatorCheck
DetailAST should invalidate childCount cache
DetailAST should invalidate its methods cache (aka lazy-load)... read more

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-10-30

Sevntu Checkstyle 1.21.1

Sevntu Checkstyle 1.21.1 -

update for sevntu-checkstyle-idea-extension to correctly build by maven.
update for ForbidCertainImportsCheck to fix violation message.

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-10-15

Checkstyle 7.1.2

Checkstyle 7.1.2 -

Bug fixes:

Wrong order of "default" method modifier
EqualsHashCode: hashCode without equals is not a violation


Revert "Pull #3162: Update version of commons-collections to 3.2.2 to fix security vulnerability CVE-2015-6420"
Cut down on Checkstyle's dependencies on Guava
doc: fixed the wording in javadoc for TrailingCommentCheck
doc: added missing slash to backport documentation url (#3457)
doc: added links to cs backport jre6 (#3447)
Replace line-based suppressions with inline ones for Checkstyle's suppressions.xml
Update Checkstyle GUI in order to display Javadoc tokens
Fix ForbidCertainImports config
use CyclomaticComplexity.switchBlockAsSingleDecisionPoint in checkstyle_checks.xml
SuppressCommentFilter not working with ClassDataAbstractionCoupling when specified on class
Resolve IntelijIdea inspection violations for java8
Replace Guava's Joiner with Java 8 native approach
Fix grammar in issue templates
spelling: PR instructions, YOU --> YOUR

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-09-30

Checkstyle 7.1.1

Checkstyle 7.1.1 -

Bug fixes:

EqualsHashCode: hashCode without equals is not a violation
RedundantModifier : missed violations at interface and abstract class methods signatures with final parameters


Remove usage of System.out.println in IT resources
Flaws in German translation
Add NonDex tool to pom.xml and .travis.yml

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-09-06

Checkstyle 7.1

Checkstyle 7.1 -


new CLI option: exclude directories
ImportOrder: make static imports ordering as in Eclipse

Bug fixes:

Indentation: incorrect expectation for wrapped arguments of chained calls
RedundantModifier: miss violation on extra final in try-with-resources
RequireThisCheck: false positive on static field
FinalLocalVariable: false positive when variable is assigned inside and outside switch-block
RequireThisCheck: NPE when surrounded by braces... read more

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-07-31

Checkstyle 7.0

Checkstyle 7.0 -

Breaking backward compatibility:

update checkstyle to jdk8 as runtime jdk.
Modules and XDocs: changed setter methods to recieve similar types with field type for easier xdoc validation.


VisibilityModifier: allow public final fields.

Bug fixes:

Ability to differentiate annotation placement in for each loop from variable declaration..
Java 8 Grammar: Parsing of explicit receiver parameters.
Java 8 Grammar: annotation on throws types.
Java 8 Grammar: annotation on generic type.
CommentsIndentation : Check incorrect work with subsequent comments.
CommentsIndentation : allow upper comments for following block at multi-block structures.
CommentsIndentation : false-positive in empty array declarations.
CommentsIndentation: false-positive when a singleline comment follows a block comment.
RightCurly rule should properly enforce same rule for LITERAL_DO.
Proper support for generics in visibility modifier check.
Indentation: incorrect validation for imports and package.
Indentation: remove requirement right curlies to be first on line.... read more

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-06-26

Sevntu Checkstyle 1.21.0

Sevntu Checkstyle 1.21.0 -

new UniformEnumValueCheck

new javadoc pages for all Checks -

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-06-08

Checkstyle 6.19

Checkstyle 6.19 -

Breaking backward compatibility:

aligned setters with String collection fields and broke old compatibility.


new Check: SingleSpaceSeparator.
ReturnCount: special option for methods with void return type.
new CLI argument: provide abililty to show debug level of logs from checkstyle code.
Fix cache usage in presence of filters.... read more

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-05-29

Checkstyle 6.18

Checkstyle 6.18 -


Make CLI option to print full parsing tree (java + comments + javadoc comments).
Add the ability to validate language codes by TranslationCheck.
EmptyLineSeparator to check empty lines inside methods.

Bug fixes:

NullPointerException in FinalLocalVariableCheck with Lambdas.
Serious performance problem in All Javadoc Check that are based on ANTLR parser.
CommentsIndentation Check - False Positive at End-of-Method.
Indentation: fix line wrap hanlding.
Indentation module regression in 6.16 and 6.17..
NPE in AnnotationLocationCheck.hasAnnotations.
Execution of checkstyle audit failed caused by inherited javadoc tag.
AvoidEscapedUnicodeCharacters: Tail comment check failed if there's tabs before tail comment..
FinalLocalVariable: false positive when variable is assigned multiple times.
Support for LAMDA token in WhitespaceAround check.... read more

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-05-02

Sevntu Checkstyle 1.20.0

Sevntu Checkstyle 1.20.0 -

new ConstructorWithoutParamsCheck - This check prohibits usage of parameterless constructors, including the default ones. Rationale: constructors of certain classes must always take arguments to properly instantiate objects.

new properties for AvoidModifiersForTypes - New options: forbiddenClassesRegexpAnnotation, forbiddenClassesRegexpPrivate, forbiddenClassesRegexpPackagePrivate, forbiddenClassesRegexpProtected, forbiddenClassesRegexpPublic.

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-03-25

Checkstyle 6.17

Checkstyle 6.17 -

Breaking backward compatibility:

Add 'baseName' option and remove 'basenameSeparator' option of TranslationCheck.


Make CLI option to be able to print Javadoc tree as plain text.
java9: try structure is not parsable when only name is used.
All messages translated to Chinese.
RequireThis: new option validateOnlyOverlapping.... read more

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-03-25

Checkstyle 6.16.1

Checkstyle 6.16.1 -

Bug fixes:

fix TokenTypes compatibility problems between 6.15 and 6.16.
Allow JUnit ClassRule to be public.
FinalParameters should not warn for non-final parameters of native methods .


Revert "Issue #2973: removed unused FLOAT_SUFFIX from java.g".
all rows in coerage table google_style.html shoudl have anchor.
Strive for 100% line coverage for java grammar.

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-03-03

Checkstyle 6.16

Checkstyle 6.16 -

Breaking backward compatibility:

Move Treewalker cache to Checker.


Make CLI option to be able to print Javadoc tree as plain text.
copy Check class to AbstractCheck class to let deprecate Check class.
Print parse tree from CLI to terminal.

Bug fixes:

Skip type annotations from validation of ModifierOrderCheck.
Probable typo in
Indentation check reports some incorrect indentation levels on errors.
6.15 complains about missing @return tag in a overridden method.
Nesting Checks in each other in config does not produce any error.
Forbid multiple violation for the same line in IndentaitonCheck.
LeftCurly not working correctly with lambdas.
Duplicate error message for static final field in DeclarationOrder check.
Translation Check: wrong support for resources with language, country, variant.
Checkstyle internal exceptions lack contextual information.
Changed semantics of PropertyExpander.
Indentation properties not applied properly to lambdas.
VisibilityModifier.allowPublicImmutableFields should allow public immutable fields in enums.
FinalClass is over aggressive when extending happen inside class.
WhitespaceAround should have an option allow double-brace initialization.
Exception when using method reference in lamba "Class<?>[]::new".
Wasted disk access.
JavadocType doesn't report unused param tag.
DeclarationOrder check enforces order that is not possible.
Tabs are wrongly handled in Indentation check when line is wrapped.
custom javadoc inline tags cause parse error.
JavadocStyleCheck: String index out of range: -1.... read more

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-02-28

Checkstyle 6.15

Checkstyle 6.15 -


new Check: RegexpOnFilename.
SuppressionFilter: new option 'optional' to allow skip SuppressionFilter if config file does not exist.
Add possibility to specify a unique ID to all Regexp checks.

Bug fixes:

StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in Indentation check.
AbstractJavadocCheck should process only doc comments placed before class, interface, constructor, method, or field declarations.
SummaryJavadoc: false "end with a period" reports when inheritDoc is used .
JavadocMethod: allowedAnnotations hides bad javadocs.
FinalLocalVariable doesn't report variable when condition separates 2 assignments.
Config of Google Style does not include InterfaceTypeParameterName check.
Indentation on annotation parameters is wrong.
OneStatementPerLine check and lambda expression.
Gui should have a splitter bettween tree and code and prefered columns size.
RequireThis reports false-positive when an instance method is overloaded with a static one.... read more

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-01-31

Sevntu Checkstyle 1.18.0

SevNTU Checkstyle -


new SingleBreakOrContinue - This check restricts the number of break and continue statements inside cycle body (only one is allowed).

new NumericLiteralNeedsUnderscore - This check verifies that large numeric literals are spaced by underscores.


Rename checks to follow Checkstyle convention for check names. Checks AvoidDefaultSerializableInInnerClasses, ForbidCCommentsInMethods, ReturnBooleanFromTernary, ReturnNullInsteadOfBoolean renamed to have "Check" as suffix in name.

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2016-01-18

Checkstyle 6.14.1

Checkstyle 6.14.1 -

Bug fixes:

JavaNCSSCheck: unknown format type: numero inteiro.
StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in getCheckShortName method of AuditEventDefaultFormatter.


spelling: fix typo in AuditEventFormatter class name.

Posted by Roman Ivanov 2015-12-30

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