#587 Ignore wrapped lines for indentation check

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In my company we have many violations of the indentation check on wrapped lines. I have seen lot of feature request, and discussions on the ML. My understanding is that is is a very complicated issue, because there are many different usage that would require to add a lot of parameters to the indentation check.
Waiting for an eventual improvement, here is my proposal: add a single parameter "Ignore wrapped lines". This way people can wrap/indent lines the way they want (or use Eclipse reformat feature) but still we could activate IndentationCheck.
I feel this could be easier to implement than supporting all use case of line wrapping.

Before stating to work on a patch I would like to know if this is something you would consider to merge?



  • Scott R Duchin

    Scott R Duchin - 2013-11-26

    I cannot use the Indentation Check as currently implemented. I suspect many cannot use it as well as it does not support the official java style guide.
    to fix, add another parameter for "wrappedOffset" or "continuationOffset"
    all the editors allow you to set this offset.
    in my company we indent by 2 and continuation by 4
    official java style guide indents by 4 and continuation by 8

  • Roman Ivanov

    Roman Ivanov - 2015-11-18
    • status: open --> closed
    • Group: --> Future

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