#533 Allow check violations when overriding methods

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Paul Holser

This is related to 2792291.

The idea is this: If I'm writing a method, and I'm overriding (superclass) or implementing (interface) a method from a class that is not subject to the Checkstyle check being performed (e.g. the superclass/interface is in a jar file), then that method should be exempt from checks that would normally apply. For example:

-- If I'm overriding a method that advertises an exception mentioned in IllegalThrows
-- If I'm overriding a method that accepts more parameters than are allowed by ParameterNumber
-- If I'm overriding a method whose name would violate a naming convention

I shouldn't have to suppress Checkstyle checks in these cases. There are likely others.


  • Roman Ivanov

    Roman Ivanov - 2016-02-26

    looks like already adressed issue, If I miss smth please open issue at github issue tracker.

  • Roman Ivanov

    Roman Ivanov - 2016-02-26
    • status: open --> closed
    • Group: --> Future

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