#16 headerFile Regular Expression Support


We should be able to support either
a) Ignore multiple lines in the header
b) Support regular expressions so that we can make
sure that even headers follow a standard, which may be
date, names, etc. A lot of headers follow
Configuration Management standards such as $Log$,
$ID$, $Revision$ and the like. If we had support for
regular expressions, we might be able to resolve this
and validate for perfect headers.


  • Lars Kühne

    Lars Kühne - 2002-01-13

    Logged In: YES

    a) has been requested before (438478). It can be implemented
    by using b).

    It think it's no big problem to interpret each line in the
    header file as a regular expression that has to be matched
    by the corresponding line in the file being checked.

    $Log$ is a special case since it may span multiple lines,
    this would not be covered.

    Note that implementing this as the only header check, this
    might lead to usability problems - for example you would
    have to know about escape sequences for "*", etc. Therefore
    we should keep support for exact match and also make that
    the default.

  • Oliver Burn

    Oliver Burn - 2002-02-08

    Logged In: YES

    The fix looks great!


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