#121 Defaults should be none


There is a huge list of defaults. Some things default
to on, some to off, some to on with a particular parameter.

I think it would be better if everything were off by
default, and then the user could only turn on the ones
he/she wanted. This would make it much easier if a
user only wanted to find unused imports, for example.

However, this might be a little onerous for some.
Therefore, in addition to this, it might be nice to
provide some "modules" that enable a set of checks.
For example, see feature request 640335. One module
could be the set of defaults specified by that feature
request. Another could the the current set of
defaults, which you might call "checkstyle traditional"
or some such.

This change also implies no need for "checkstyle.allow"
type properties. You only want to indicate what you
want to enforce or disallow.

The size of this change if done and effect on backwards
compatibility would probably justify a major release
(ie, 3.0).


  • Lars Kühne

    Lars Kühne - 2002-11-30

    Logged In: YES

    Good news for you: We are currently working on Checkstyle
    3.0 and it does exactly what you request. We now have
    pluggable Checks, and an XML config file format where you
    add the individual Checks - with an empty config file
    Checkstyle does nothing.

    We wil probably provide some sample config files along the
    lines of your "modules" suggestion.

    Our current plan is to do a beta release RSN, and we would
    welcome feedback from you.

  • Paul Roebuck

    Paul Roebuck - 2002-12-09

    Logged In: YES

    This is a good idea. I found it confusing myself at times
    trying to deal
    with some of the options being written with positive logic
    and others with negative logic. It sucks to find you
    unintentionally let something through
    due to negative logic.

    For example, 'checkstyle.allow.noauthor' could be renamed as
    'checkstyle.require.author' as a less ambiguous property. As
    'checkstyle.ignore.longell' could be
    'checkstyle.require.longell' instead.
    Assumes reversals of default values when appropriate.


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