ChEBI release 104 is now available

ChEBI release 104 is now available, with 33256 fully annotated entities.

See our entity of the month, GW 501516

In this release, we have included information on suppliers of entities via links to the E-molecules ( and the ZINC ( websites. We have also included two new tools for searching using the ChEBI Ontology: the BiNChe enrichment analysis tool allows searching for ontology terms which are present statistically significant within a set of ChEBI entities, while the OntoQuery tool enables more sophisticated searching of the ontology than was provided using the existing 'Advanced Search'. Both new tools are accessible via a new 'Tools' option on the left-hand side of the ChEBI home page.

With kind regards,
the ChEBI team.

Posted by Venkatesh Muthukrishnan 2013-06-03

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