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Ross Slade
  • Ross Slade

    Ross Slade - 2001-05-10

    [Mandrake 7.2]

    Looks like I'm first....  8-)

    I compiled and run the binary ok and put the java client in place. It works fine if I access it on this same machine.

    If I try to access it from another local machine [Windows ME, IE5.5]  the client runs, I type in a nick and click ok.  It says "connecting" but just sits there and does nothing more.

    Can you please suggest what the problem might be?

    • Alexis de Bernis

      It may be different things :

          o- you are firewalling the port 5656 toward
          the server.

          o- the chat server and the web server are not
          on the same machine (Java applets can only
          connect to their originating server).

          o- the server is not running ;-)

      Does this help?

                  -- Alexis

    • Tom Slider

      Tom Slider - 2001-05-11

      First off, I have to say that Chat Everywhere was exactly what I was looking for. I am the computer teacher/lab administrator/consultant/etc. for an elementary school. I've been looking for a chat server that my students would find fun and show then that touch typing is important.

      I'm having a similar problem as rosco1 with Chat Everywhere. I was able to run it for a while, but it segfaults and now all I get in "Connecting" after the user enters their name. The log says they connect.

      I'm using Linux Slackware 7 on a 486DX2 66Mhz with 16MB of memory and a 1 GB IDE hard drive. Since this is a public elementary school, I'm working with limited resources. This 486 was the office's old Novell file server.

      Any suggestions?


    • Ross Slade

      Ross Slade - 2001-05-11

      Yesterday I had three people try to connect over the internet - two succeeded and we chatted for quite a while, the third had the problem previously. I can't be sure there wasn't firewalling on his end causing it though.

      There's no firewalling between my 2 machines though, and they wont connect. [Mandrake 7.2 - WinME using 10.0.2.x network]

      Thanks for your help...

      One suggestion...when the window fills up it doesn't scroll up automatically - can it be made to do that?

    • Mickey

      Mickey - 2001-05-24

      I have tested the server with Slackware(2.0.33 )  and RHat linux (2.2.16-22). I have noticed that the server will core dump when I disconnect and connect the client repeatedly and try to logon (client is netscape browser 4.7 and IE 5.x). This happens in both the linux flavors. Any clues?

      btw, this is exactly what I was looking for but only if it wouldn't core dump.


    • Alexis de Bernis

      Ok, the core dump at connect problem was due to IP not reverse resolving.
      This has been corrected in the CVS tree. A release is to arrive soon.

      Sorry for the delay ;-)

      -- Alexis

    • G Collins

      G Collins - 2001-12-19

      I installed the latest 0.0.9a and it compiled fine make, make install all went fine.  I put the chat_server in /usr/local/sbin and the config in /etc.   When I try to start I get a core dump.  I am running redhat 7.1  any ideas?
      All I get in my Log is the following:
      Starting chat server on port 5656
      Terminating at user request (SIGINT), uptime 0:00:02


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