#29 Values for Y-axis of a line graph


For a line graph, it isn't possible to have a value
associated with y-axis itself. That is, if you have a
series of values along the x-axis, you cannot have a
value associated with x=0.

This makes the graphs look a bit strange when the
value at the first x tick (call it x=1) has a high y value.

Perhaps it is just personal preference, but it did appear
odd looking to me. I've attached a file that shows a
screen shot which might further describe it.


  • Jason J Simas

    Jason J Simas - 2002-10-31

    Logged In: YES

    That's right. The old turorial used to explain why this is. But
    I didn't have time to redo that section for the new tutorial.
    Chart2D graph's category based data, not mathematical
    functions. So if your data fits into a table, then Chart2D will
    graph it. But the Chart you are talking about does not have
    tabular data... so Chart2D doesn't do that. You should use a
    library that graphs mathematical functions/data like ptolemy, i
    think it's called.



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