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Your chart library is very great. But I have a little
problem with it. I must have two graphs on the same
chart, so I use overlay. It works fine but my two graphs
have very different values. Therefore I would like to know
if it is possible to have two number axes, one, for
example at the left for the first graph, and another on the
right for the second graph in the case of a vertical chart.
In addition, I would like to know if it is possible to show
values on LBChart or LLChart.



  • Mathieu Gamonnet

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  • Jason J Simas

    Jason J Simas - 2002-05-31

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    Excellent job submitting this feature request.

    No there isn't API support for multiple "numbers" axes.
    Adding a second axes wouldn't take too much effort for me,
    but might be difficult for someone unfamiliar with the internal
    workings of Chart2D. Personally I've never had the desire to
    graph two sets that differ in meaning of their data. That is,
    I've never wanted two axes. But I've seen it it done.

    Regarding "showing" values on LBChart or LLChart. That isn't
    in the API either. I never added that feature because likely
    this would require allowing the overlapping of value labels (for
    nearby graph components). I never liked that idea.

    Anyway, development of Chart2D currently isn't very active;
    so I wouldn't expect to see these features added any time
    soon. But both of these features are ones that are commonly
    asked for...



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