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Release 29: 3 weapon sets. New weapon: Katana. Blood splatter on walls if bullet passed through. Drink from surroundings.

Divverent came through and taught me how to add new weaponsets. Now we are on our third weaponset and thusly can go up to 72 weapons before adding another weapon set.

The 49th weapon has been added: katana. Thanks to Blender-Man (Krzysztof Zwolinski) for the cc-by model with textures.

Code has been added so that if a bullet passes through and hits a wall within a certain distance from where it passed, a blood splatter will be on the wall (think original Unreal and surely tons of other games).... read more

Posted by ChaosEsqueTeam 2014-07-10

Release 28. Flashbangs and smoke grenades, building with blocks.

Chaosesque Anthology release 28:
Flashbangs and Smoke grenades added.
(press g to throw, v to select which grenade type)

Nuclear weapons now cause a nukeflash and temp blindness.

You can build with blocks now (all the rage it seems), if you don’t like the regular buildings that you can build and feel a need to roll your own.

Posted by ChaosEsqueTeam 2014-07-07 Labels: flashbang smoke grenade building with blocks

Beyond 48 weapons, help is needed.

The current code allows up to 48 weapons. With the addition of the morgenstern 48 weapons have been reached (no, weapons will not be removed to make way for others).

Divverent, of Xonotic, Nexuiz, and Darkplaces fame, created the macro code to support 48 weapons. This was an extension of the previous 24 weapon code. When I last talked to him he said that a further extension was trivial, simply follow the pattern of the existing macro code and extend it.... read more

Posted by ChaosEsqueTeam 2014-05-10

DVD Case and DVD Lables for the .iso

Posted by ChaosEsqueTeam 2014-05-10

Random maps. Mounted Guns.

ChaosEsque Anthology has a couple of random (portal) maps.

They are connected together with portal entities with the common/portal
texture as the face where the portal is.

All portals of a set have target and targetname the same.
target porto1
targetname porto1

This tells the code that these should all have the same enterances to exits.
DivVerent created this code some years ago. Thank's to him we can all have
fun replayable levels for much less effort.... read more

Posted by KlokWerk 2014-01-23

Movement keys

Xonotic: Chaos-Esque Anthology
Keyboard Controls
Note: When creating or editing maps in NetRadiant for this game disable “Use alternative texture projection” in Preferences>Settings>Brush to keep full compatibility with the pre-fabricated map sections found in data/maps/
To spawn vehicles, mounted guns, turrets, monsters, and hazards randomly in the map go to Multiplayer > Create > Mutators and enable their respective options.... read more

Posted by ChaosEsqueTeam 2013-08-11

The source is in the .iso

The source is in the .iso
has the quake c source.

/source/* has the engine source has the added media source of this mod.
The rest of the media source is avaiable from the xonotic git repo.

Why an .iso?
.zip can't handle 4 gb
and you can easily burn to disk to play on any computer.

Posted by ChaosEsqueTeam 2013-08-10