Requirements Analysis

  • celsowm

    celsowm - 2008-03-10

    I think we should do an analysis of the system, before programming.

    Example: We define the features:
    The changing is .... The changing song is not ...

    What model using:
    Agile | Cleanroom | Iterative | RAD | RUP | Spiral | Waterfall | XP | Scrum ?

    • Martin Zibricky

      Martin Zibricky - 2008-03-10

      You are right. Analysis and design are my top priorities!
      But I would like to wait with deeper analysis until summer.
      Now we are collecting user requests.

      Before analysis we must first explore and describe what all opensoung can do and how it does! I asked swampcat and there is no programming documentation.
      I'm going to begin exploring and describe opensong features next month.

      I don't know yet much about other development model but iterative and spiral sounds good. I'm against using waterfall model.

    • Magnon Damant

      Magnon Damant - 2008-04-03

      I REALLY like the sound of this :-)

      If we actually do the planning & nail down
      the features, their priorities, then this
      project is going to be an amasing success :-)

      I'm also for the Spiral model, maybe even a
      RAD [Rapid Application Developlment] + Spiral
      model combination.


      • Martin Zibricky

        Martin Zibricky - 2008-04-06

        The Spiral model would be probably best suited.

        What aspects of RAD do you mean to combine the spiral model with?

        I don't like at RAD the word "rapid". I'm a guy who don't like making things quick and dirty. I like making things with good-quality.

    • celsowm

      celsowm - 2008-04-12

      Hi, first us need define the "requirements". And distinguish the:

      1- Functional Requirements: functions of system. Examples: user include a new song
      ( )

      2- Non-Functional Requirements: quality of system. Examples: Usability, Performance...
      ( )

      Example of defining requirements:


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