UML (Unified Modeling Language) tool

  • Martin Zibricky

    Martin Zibricky - 2008-01-08

    For design of this application I would like use any UML tool.
    I found 2 open source candidates:
    1) argouml
    2) BoUML
    I would rather choose BoUML because:
    1) faster than argouml
    2) more features
    3) written in compiled language
    4) support for UML2

    • celsowm

      celsowm - 2008-02-19

      Try Umbrello too !
      DocBook export suport

    • Martin Zibricky

      Martin Zibricky - 2008-04-04

      Today I have played a little with Umbrello(version 1.5). It is also a good candidate because:
      - Umbrello 2.0 it should run on Win/Mac
      - as BoUML python support

      Umbrello 2.0 is still in development so there are no official builds for production use.
      Umbrello has also many dependencies with KDE. I wish solid builds would exist for Win/Mac and no other dependencies are needed.

    • Jochen Weiss

      Jochen Weiss - 2008-04-05

      Do you know when Umbrello 2.0 will be released ? I've just installed it and my first impression is, we should use it.
      But there is still the problem, that there is no Win/Mac version yet.
      How many of you will develop on Win or Mac ?

      • Martin Zibricky

        Martin Zibricky - 2008-04-05

        Umbrello 2.0 has been already released as part of kdesdk package. But KDE4 is still under development and Win/Mac ports are not stable yet.
        I think that at least 4/5 people will develop on Win/Mac. As one of our priority is cross-platform, all used tools should be cross-platform! We need standalone installable packages of umbrello for Win/Mac.

    • celsowm

      celsowm - 2008-04-09

      Umbrello uses XMI:

      used by other softwares too:

          * ArgoUML
          * Borland Together
          * Rational Rose

      but, i like umbrello


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