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  • Michael Bishop

    Michael Bishop - 2008-05-19

    We use Opensong to display liturgy as well as songs. Instead of having to start each line of text with "Leader:" or "Congregation:", it would be great if we could make all congregational responses in bold text (which is the standard convention used to indicate that the whole congregation should read the line together). As far as I can see this is not yet possible in Opensong.

    There could be a couple of ways of doing this:

    1. Wysiwyg editing of slide previews (which would be quite a shift in design, I imagine).
    2. Defining other special characters which indicate specific text formatting (as '.' is for chords and ';' is for comments). It might be good to be allow users to define both the character and the effect - ie a user could specify that # signifies italics and ! means underline etc).

    I know we're still pretty early in this process, but this might be worth bearing in mind when it comes to design time.



    • robert Phillips

      robert Phillips - 2008-07-27

      Most html parsers use <bold></bold>  and <italic></italic> for this functionality. Can these tags be enabled in ChangingSong?  Would OpenSong ignore them or crach?

      • Martin Zibricky

        Martin Zibricky - 2008-07-27

        ChangingSong: It's a good point for thinking. We must clarify data format in the 1st place.

        OpenSong: I don't know. I haven't yet studied os so deep.


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