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Search ability

  • Michael Bishop

    Michael Bishop - 2008-03-11

    This looks like a great initiative to improve a very good piece of software!

    One feature I would love to see in this project is an improved search mechanism. At present, Opensong has a limited search facility, but what would be very nice would be the ability to search simultaneously on multiple criteria (eg: words appearing in the song, theme, author, key, tempo etc) and to have the results come up on a single page, like a web search engine (at the moment you have to click through each result without knowing in advance how many results there are). It would be good to then be able to drag some of the songs which are listed in the search results directly into a set.

    This would be a huge help for worship leaders who would then be able to use the software as a valuable tool for planning services.

    I have done this in PHP, using a web front end to access the opensong song files, and it works very nicely. I don't know much Python, but would be happy to try and contribute something when we get to that stage.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Zach

      Zach - 2008-03-11

      Thanks for the idea.  This has already been suggested but the gui needs to be refined.  I had put limited ability in my gui brainstorm but I think it could be improved.

      I would suggest having a search window in the song list area with a few advanced options like author search and theme.  Than you could have an advanced search window that would contain all options.  I don't know that having a key search would be best as opensong has  the ability to transpose and you could open the song select the right key and present.

      Under the view menu you could have a song search settings box that would let you determine what advanced searches were included on the main song search area.

      Tell us what you think and if you have any better idea.


    • celsowm

      celsowm - 2008-03-11

      i like Incremental Find, like Firefox:
      amaroK (More similar situation with ChangingSong)

    • Martin Zibricky

      Martin Zibricky - 2008-03-21

      Where is it better to show results of searching?
      - in the search dialog or
      - when match then point to the found song in main window?

      When using the search dialog to show results then this dialog might be shared for searching during presentation.

    • Michael Bishop

      Michael Bishop - 2008-03-29

      Here's a link showing what I had in mind.

      For me, what is ideal is that I can see at a glance all the songs that meet the search criteria I have specified and then (if a set is selected from the dropdown box) the songs can be automatically added to the set, which can ultimately be exported directly to Opensong.

      The PHP scripts on this site have been tweaked to get them working on this webserver, but they should basically do what they're supposed to.

    • Martin Zibricky

      Martin Zibricky - 2008-03-29

      So here is my suggestion:
      We could implement 2 types of searching:
      - "quick or fast searching" to fulfill celsowm's needs
      - "advanced searching" to fulfill michaeljbishop's needs

      quick search:
      - search as you type (incremental find)
      - you don't need to worry about specifying in what fields to search, you just type any text
      - you'll get only one song or you click next/previous song

      advanced search:
      - you can specify many search criteria
      - you'll get all songs matching the criteria

      both types:
      - with drag&drop you could easily move found songs to the set


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