version for 64-bit operating systems

  • Martin Zibricky

    Martin Zibricky - 2008-01-08

    I personally use 64-bit Linux system. 64-bit operating systems are more common so I think that do something in this area is needed.

    • Carl Holmberg

      Carl Holmberg - 2008-01-12

      Most 32-bit code is runnable on a 64-bit system, so I don't see what you want to gain? Larger memory allocation and more bandwith isn't really something that is needed in an application like OpenSong. It would increase OpenSongs memory requirements though, which isn't a good idea...

      If you see any advantages though...

    • Martin Zibricky

      Martin Zibricky - 2008-01-12

      You are right. The advantage I see is that you may get the right version for your OS.
      I hope that with right development libraries and tools this isn't a big problem (at least in 64-bit Linux).

    • Magnon Damant

      Magnon Damant - 2008-04-02

      At this stage although basically "all" (vast majority)
      new Intel Core2Duo & AMD CPUs are 64bit capable, most
      people are still running 32bit versions of Windows
      (even Vista).

      So for Windows at least we would be losing our main
      user base if there was only a 32bit version.


    • Anonymous - 2008-04-13

      I think this only applies to shipping binaries. And for linux it is far easier to let the distributions do the shipping of binaries. All the other freaks are happy to compile sources.

      And with python there isn't really a question of shipping binaries as python is an interpreted language...


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