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  • Martin Zibricky

    Martin Zibricky - 2008-03-19

    Should changingsong be able to present text of songs together with chord?
    Would someone use this feature?

    As far as I know opensong is able to handle chords but is not able to display them together with lyrics. One friend of mine asked me about this feature. So I would like to hear other opinions.

    • Zach

      Zach - 2008-03-20

      I see this as useful to present on a screen for the song leaders.  Sometimes at events it is to much work to copy or print out the papers before each song service.  It would be nice to be able to use an old computer or an extra monitor or projector to present the chords with the lyrics for the song leaders.  I would envision this to be a portrait style presentation with a white or optionally solid background for readability.  I guess that pictures or video could be used also but I don't see the use for this display.

      This would make it so I wouldn't have to carry a file of songs that were already printed out and have to sort through them to find the ones that were needed.  Think of it as going green :) (less paper waste)

      • Martin Zibricky

        Martin Zibricky - 2008-03-20

        OK, I'll append this feature to our feature list.

    • Farmer_Boy

      Farmer_Boy - 2008-03-26

      Hi Martin..

      YES, YES, YES PLEASE !!!
      This would be a great feature to have.  With the prices of monitors these days, it pays to have a large monitor for the worship team to read from, rather than all the printing of songs etc.

      Taking it further, is it possible to have one display for congregation (no chords) and another display for worship team (with chords and lyrics) as well as the display on the control PC!?

      Is it possible to run more than two monitors on a computer ?!?!

      Ronnie Hayes (South Africa)

      • Martin Zibricky

        Martin Zibricky - 2008-03-26

        Great to hear someone is happy about this feature.

        You can have more than 2 displays but you need a PC with more graphic cards. I think to be able to use more than 2 displays is certainly little trickier. But we could try to implement this. On laptops you cannot use 3 displays although you have on laptop DVI/VGA connector, TV-OUT and internal LCD. You can use only 2 at the same time.

        Now come to my mind the idea that when we implement the feature "remote control over network", the user could be able to decide if he wants to display on remote PC normal output or songs with chords. This could solve your issue with more than 2 monitors.

    • Jonathan Stafford

      I think the chord display combined with a networked presentation would be a good feature to have. That way, members of the band could play along off their networked laptop, for example.

      The networked presentation should possibly have the option to disable the display of background (pictures/movies etc) so that those who just wanted the text could have the text only (eg, those with poor eyesight, or musicians who find it difficult to read the words/music over the top of backgrounds).

    • rdagi

      rdagi - 2008-10-28

      I think chord presentation would be a good feature with one consideration: Four possible configurations that are set by the user.
      1. --Screen 1 = Lyrics Only
      2. --Screen 1 = Presentation Helper --Screen 2 = Lyrics Only
      3. --Screen 1 = Presentation Helper --Screen 2 = Lyrics & Chords
      4. --Screen 1 = Presentation Helper --Screen 2 = Lyrics Only --Screen 3 = Lyrics & Chords

      The reason I suggest this is that some churches may not have the technology or network to support triple projection.  Secondly, there is an advantage in having a separate system for the stage that allows the leading band to be a step ahead of the worshipers.  This can be run from a foot switch if necessary.  (I made a footswitch with some stomp switches and the workings of a USB mouse.)  Special notes and transition chord sets can be made available to the musicians.  There could be a way to incorporate these functions into a triple projection configuration.  I simply wanted the possibilities in your thoughts.

      Thanks for all the hard work that you can do that is beyond my capability.


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