Videos, Songs, Networks of clients and master

  • Anonymous - 2008-07-25

    Hi all,

    while I tried to start some basic own project just to see how these things go, I did a lot of thinking:
    One of the ideas here was to have multiple clients that all show the images/data from one or several masters. These clients could be distributed over a bigger network.
    Another idea that came to my mind was videos, not only our pastors holding a dvd in their hands but also of live video of the event overlayed with the text of the current song.
    And my mind wandered, how would you sent such data to your client(s) possibly even over network? How do you combine text from the songs or the scripture and the preachers slides with video in a sane way without creating two interfaces?
    The answer could be pretty simple: Use something like nmm [] that does video even over network. And just convert the static pictures of our texts to video (combined with import filters to convert pdf and odp and ppt to statics/videos) and then use the already existing ways to push the data out to the displays. You get effects and source-mixing (and sample-synced audio-transport) for free. :-)

    What do you think?

    Have a nice weekend,


    • Martin Zibricky

      Martin Zibricky - 2008-07-26

      Hi Arnold,

      thanks for your a lot of thinking and for a tip to NMM ;-)
      I thought about some ideas, you mentioned, too.

      I haven't heard yet about NMM. But it looks promising. There is also an effort to make NMM as an backend for phonon in Qt4. With this it could be easy to use.


    • Anonymous - 2008-08-15


      just a light follow-up from my investigations:
      - While nmm should be able to do what I have in mind, I couldn't get it to play over network and I couldn't compile the examples from the docs. the nmm-community is not existing...
      - Phonon can not do video mixing. At least not the way it would be needed for a project like this. Because phonon can only mix videos via QGraphicsView, which results in the fact that in a networked setup all video streams would have to be streamed to all displaying clients and mixed on each machine individually.
      - I am currently looking at gst, pygst and its cooperation with Qt. at least I got the first example from the tutorial to run ;-)

      BTW: I really think that if you ever want to have video supported, it is by far easier to use video for everything that is to be displayed and just render the slides (songs for the music, pdf/pps/odp for the sermon/etc.) to still-pictures which are then mixed into the video streams.
      That way you get smooth transitions, inclusion of almost every video format, even live-video for free...

      Have a nice weekend,



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