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  • rdagi

    rdagi - 2009-03-13

    Have you seen this program? 
    Songsheet Generator

    It enables one to print chord diagrams at the bottom of lead sheets.  It appears to use JAVA to work and is already pc and mac compatible.  I wonder if this kind of functionality could be added to ChangingSong?  What do you think?

    • Gijs ter Beek

      Gijs ter Beek - 2009-03-14


      That's some cool monitor you're planning to buy! Regrettably, the link doesn't point to Songsheet Generator. This one does:

      Though I think it is useful in some circumstances, I don't think It would be a very important addition to song presentation software, because most of the time the audience isn't expected to play guitar. It would be outstandingly cool though, if in some triple monitor setup the presenter, the audience and the performing musicians each would have their own version of the song displayed.

      • rdagi

        rdagi - 2009-03-16


        Thanks for the reply.  I was actually only thinking of the printing lead sheets function in ChangingSong.  OpenSong,the "mother" program, has the ability to easily store and print lead sheets so that all of the song information for band members is kept in one place.  I was simply suggesting that the new direction could add the possibility of putting guitar chord diagrams on the pages.  I think the writer of Songsheet Generator might know a good way to do that.

        Also, thanks for fixing my link.  I should have checked that.

    • rdagi

      rdagi - 2009-03-16

      OOPS.  I just realized I may have sent my friend the link to get Songsheet Generator instead of the new lcd monitor he wanted.

    • Mammlouk

      Mammlouk - 2009-06-25

      I would definitely like to see this feature make it in.  One of the reasons I found out about opensong is because I am learning to play guitar to lead worship in my small group.  My friend who is a worship leader wanted to share his song collection with me and was telling me about all the chord translation stuff.  This seems like the only piece missing to make a better learning tool for worship teams.

      At home I use OpenSong on my media PC and was just thinking it would be great to have a pseudo presentation mode for chord sheets so when I am practising for an event I could set up my presentation and then click "Song Practice" or something and have it just show the chord sheets and transition from one song to the next based on either a length tag for each song or a key press.


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