Import/Export function

  • Martin Zibricky

    Martin Zibricky - 2008-03-13

    Should be changing song able to export/import files to/from other formats?
    would someone like to be able to import to changingsong songs from other formats?
    For example songs in any format used by ane commercial presentation tool?

    • icicle3

      icicle3 - 2008-03-14

      I would like to see an import function for SongBeamer sng files.

      • Martin Zibricky

        Martin Zibricky - 2008-03-14

        I have had a look at song format used in SongBeamer. SongBeamer use also data model 1 song = 1 file so it shouldn't be difficult to implement this feature.
        Would you like only import of songs or other data too?
        Might you please in the feature provide some song examples written in SongBeamer?

    • icicle3

      icicle3 - 2008-03-15

      I think importing songs is enough. Where can I provide the examples?

      • Martin Zibricky

        Martin Zibricky - 2008-03-15

        First of all you must be sure that all examples, you provide, aren't copyrighted.

        You can send them to mail email: matysek03 at

        I'll save them to our code repository. But please be patient. This project is still in planning phase and may be in one year we won't still have an usable application.

        Thanks for your comment.

    • Rob Singh

      Rob Singh - 2008-03-16

      I think exporting one or multiple songs are important for individuals wanting to generate songbooks for people who cannot see the projector. It would also be great to generate music for musicians.

      The exporting feature should, however support common formats like CSV, RTF, HTML, etc. Propriatary format like Word, Excel, etc should be secondary support.

      • Martin Zibricky

        Martin Zibricky - 2008-03-16

        OpenSong supports printing lyrics with or without chords.

        Should it be also able to export songs to printable formats (pdf, rtf) that you could be able to print songs on PC without installed this application?

        Should it be able to export all songs in a defined set?
        Should it be able to export slides(as displayed by the projector) to any presentation format?

        • Rob Singh

          Rob Singh - 2008-03-16

          OpenSong does print but does not export to a file consumable by other applications.

          I like the way your thinking for export functionality. Suggest that you keep it simple, instead of just having the print button, an export button could be supported. The only additional functionality would be the capability to print or export all songs.

          There is the added question what order to print the song, i.e. song title, hymn number, custom field, etc.

          • SvA

            SvA - 2008-03-17

            OpenSong exports to html

            OpenSong's native file format is xml. You can use XML tools to do whatever you like with the song and sets.

            For ChangingSong, the format of the lyrics needs to be changed to use xml markup as well. At the moment it uses a plain text format which is quite well defined and easy to understand and fairly easy to process using e.g. some scripting tool like perl. It is too limited, though.

    • Zach

      Zach - 2008-03-20

      You can use something like primo pdf on windows or .pdf writers on linux to print "export" to a .pdf.  I don't know which or if there is a free program for mac to do the job but I know that on linux and windows you can get programs that show up as a printer.

      • Martin Zibricky

        Martin Zibricky - 2008-03-20

        I have just done a research how difficult it should be to realize pdf export. As far as we are able to render lyrics it shouldn't be difficult to export lyrics to PDF.

    • SvA

      SvA - 2008-03-22

      Import/Export should be implemented as pluggable filters, so everyone can add whatever esoteric format he/she needs.

      Some filters should be default (in descending order of importance):
      - native (whatever that will be)
      - XML
      - common file format with OpenLP (if we can agree on one)
      - plain text
      - html
      - RTF
      - PDF

      - native
      - OpenSong
      - common file format with OpenLP
      - xml (as saved by any version of changingsong or as specified by some DTD/schema)
      - ChordPro
      - CCLI
      - CSV

      I know it might be desirable to have powerpoint, word, RTF, Writer, plain text ... on the list. These howerver are all free form formats (as regards contents) and thus, guesswork or AI would need to be implemented to realise these.

      • Martin Zibricky

        Martin Zibricky - 2008-03-23

        Sure, all of this formats should be implemented.

        I see the order of importance in export different(descending):
        - native
        - xml
        - with openlp
        - plain text, html or PDF (in my opinion all 3 have same importance)
        - RTF ??

        Is it needed to support RTF format? Would anyone use it?
        Is not PDF format enough? I think PDF is easier to implement than RTF as I see.

        What does it mean AI? artificial intelligence

        • SvA

          SvA - 2008-03-27

          Yes, AI means artificial intelligence.

          RTF is a common word processor format. It is meant for further editing.
          PDF is a document storage format. It was originaly defined to have an electronic representation of a printed document that looks exactly the same. PDF is not designed to be edited after initial creation. For this reason, software capable of editing PDF documents is not very common and either very limited or rather expensive.

    • Arne

      Arne - 2008-03-26

      A couple of notes:
      1. PDF support on Mac OS X. For the record, all recent versions of Mac OS X can print to PDF without any additional software.
      2. RTF might be useful for preparing song sheets. Some people have difficulty seeing the projected screen, and so we provide large print song sheets. PDF is more difficult to work with in this case as it requires switching tools in Acrobat's relatively cumbersome user interface. For many uses, plain text would be almost as good as style information is not necessarily critical. In our case, we already have files of most of our songs, so it would be a marginal improvement, but maybe not for a congregation that is just starting up.


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