Richard Bradley - 2008-04-25


In OpenSong I'm trying to print songs with large font but have run into some problems that I'm hoping others have worked through... (I'm working in Windows XP if it makes a difference.)

Perhaps what I'm looking for may be incorporated into the new version...

Margins: I found another thread about setting margins to be able to use as much of the paper as possible but this is very fiddly and I need to repeat part of the process every time I start up OpenSong anew.

Sections: Is there anyway to prevent it printing boxes around the section ids (verse number chorus etc.)?

White Space and a section split over two pages: If the song contains blank lines the blank lines are printed. This allows some control over positioning verses on a page but it is a bit hit-and-miss. It would be really good to have an option to stop it from breaking a section (e.g. verse) over a page boundary. An embedded character sequence to force a page break (like the column split) would be an option.

Multi-page songs with chorus: When a song requires more than one page to print then an option to force the chorus to be printed again on subsequent pages would make things easier and prevent unnecessary page turning. I've had partial success by copying the chorus and inserting it in the right place as [C2] but again this is a bit hit-and-miss and also confuses the person responsible for projection.

Singing order: When printed, the song is in the order typed and does not follow the presentation. So if the chorus is first then it is printed first even if the presentation is [V1] [C] [V2} [C] etc. Also there is no indication between subsequent verses that the chorus should be sung (as found in typical song books).

I realise that the above probably represents a significant request for features. However, I do not think I can be alone in needing to cater for the visually impaired.

Kind regards,