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ElfRTL fisrt version finished

we managed to finish the elfrtl , the current version is 0.0.14b , however we will add some stuff to it later .

Posted by wael araiby 2001-08-25

Restart from scratch

We have decided to abandon the currently available kernel code and to restart totally from scratch. This allows us to implement a totally new kernel.

Work has started on the kernel core code as well as the driver modules. The first results will be available for download soon. Watch out for updates!

Posted by Gregor Mueckl 2001-07-28

IRC channel on

The ChallengeOS project now has its own IRC channel on Visit #challengeos any time you like to meet the developers or other users or to ask questions or whatever. It's a meetingplace for anybody. Check it out!

Posted by Gregor Mueckl 2001-06-09

ChallengeOS kernel 0.0.3 released

A new minor version of the ChallengeOS kernel has been released. Most of the changes are internally: A demo of an IDE/ATAPI driver has been included and debugging facilities have been enhanced. But still this kernel is far from being useable because major functionality is still missing.

Posted by Gregor Mueckl 2001-05-18

ChallengeOS kernel 0.0.2 released

Version 0.0.2 of the ChallengeOS kernel is out. Memory management is mostly working by now. But there is still very much work to do to get this to a reasonably useable state.
This project is still looking for helpers. If you are interested please email Gregor Mueckl (

Posted by Gregor Mueckl 2001-02-18

New concept available

A series of new documentation about ChallengeOS is now available on the ChallengeOS homepage, including the complete rewrite of the concept. Go and have a look at it at !

Posted by Gregor Mueckl 2001-01-30

ChallengeOS advancing slowly - HELP NEEDED

Because I am really buisy with school I don't find the time to work on ChallengeOS. Although the next release of the kernel will only have the kernel part of the memory management completed it is unlikely that it will be finished this year.
ChallengeOS lacks developers. If you want to join feel free to mail me. See for my email address.

Posted by Gregor Mueckl 2000-11-17

Kernel tgz archive was corrupt

The archive for the Kernel module was corrupt (probably a mistake while uploading it). This has now been fixed. The new file has an "a" appended to it, but its contents remains unchanged (it's still release 0.0.1).

Posted by Gregor Mueckl 2000-07-25

First work in progress release of kernel

A first work in progress version of the kernel has been released. Meanwhile the work on the core libs has been stalled since porting them might turn out to be much more work than originally planned.

Note that this kernel is based upon GazOS and not upon HOME OS. Coorporation with Aku-Aku was abandonned mainly because I lost contact to him (Sorry, Aku :-(, but HOME OS might just be too experimental; now you are free to follow your own design again)

Posted by Gregor Mueckl 2000-07-23