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Chadwick development now in SVN

Effective March 18, 2007, Chadwick revision control is now using Subversion on Sourceforge, and not CVS. If you have been tracking the CVS versions, please point your sandbox to the SVN server.

Posted by Ted Turocy 2007-03-20

Chadwick: brief roadmap

Active Chadwick development is proceeding at a slow pace at this point, as other projects are taking up more of my attention.

Current plans are for a release of an unstable 0.3.0 version (switching to the stable=even, unstable=odd numbering scheme a la the Linux kernel) sometime over the Christmas holidays, when I'll have a chance to finish up the new programs cwbox, cwstats, cwpbp, as well as cwscore, a simple data-entry program. These are currently available from CVS in various states of completion, for the intrepid.... read more

Posted by Ted Turocy 2002-10-14

Chadwick 0.2.0 planning

With 0.1.0 finished, Chadwick has now reached a level where it can be used for the academic project I had in mind when I started to build it.. So, I will likely not do much in the coming weeks toward expanding the existing public code.

However, at some point I do want to embark upon a new minor release. What will be in that release depends a good bit on what people would find useful. Some possibilities:... read more

Posted by Ted Turocy 2002-08-01

Initial public release of Chadwick (0.1.0) available

The initial public release of Chadwick is out! Please check out the homepage for details on its contents, or go on over to the Files section and pick it up. Online documentation will appear "soon" on the homepage.

Posted by Ted Turocy 2002-07-09