Bugs and missing classes in 1.3?

  • Dave

    Dave - 2004-03-01

    Thanks in advance for this project, it's a Godsend as I was just about to start coding a uPNP control point in java! ;-)

    Just one question (I apologise in advance for this, I may have just missed something), but when I download the version 1.3 JAR and the 1.3 control point sample, some classes referenced in the control point sample seem to have disappeared(UPnPError, for example, doesn't seem to be in the 1.3 JAR).

    Also, when I try and connect to my Windows NAT Gateway, all Queries seem to fail, although the device is discovered...

    I am using SDK 1.5.0beta on Windows XP Pro SP 1...

    I realise I have probably missed something stupid...

    Thanks in advance,

    Dave Thompson

    • Satoshi Konno

      Satoshi Konno - 2004-03-02

      The UPnPError is old class before CyberLink v1.3.
      I seem that the samples are old just a bit.

      I have updated the samples now, please get the new files :-)

    • Dave

      Dave - 2004-03-02


      Thanks VERY MUCH for the prompt reply and the as prompt fixes to the samples! The sample now works properly, well, apart from all the SOAP Requests failing, but I gather this is due to the lack of a URL base in the request?

      Regardless, thanks very much for your time and hard work,

      Dave Thompson


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