UPnP over Internet

  • MrMMatricks

    MrMMatricks - 2010-06-17


    This is a more basic question towards UPnP. My goal is to access my UPnP Server through the internet. So i want to enter manually an ip adress to bind to and from there on use that server. Security is not an issue to start. This is something i have to solve later on :)

    Any tips of how to connect to a server over the internet? Is it possible at all?


  • razvanc

    razvanc - 2010-06-17

    I haven't done exactly this, but I'm assuming that if you write down the IP/port (make sure you use statically assigned IPs on the home network then) and map this port on your firewall (router, cable modem, whathaveyou) then you should be able to see the upnp server from the internet, given your external IP.
    Use dyndns.com to assign yourself a name instead of an IP - it works well when you download their client and Update the IP automatically.
    let me know.
    one thing that's not going to work is obviously discovery and broadcast…you have to know the port number.
    however, port scanning activity is fairly intense on the net and yours will be discovered - i don't know how easy it woujld be to hack it or if it's possible…

    let me know how it works


  • MrMMatricks

    MrMMatricks - 2010-06-17

    Well, the theory is clear to me. The problem is the code to establish an connection of a controlpoint to a specific server.

    The control point only has the option to start scanning or connect to a named server in the network and no connect to specific ip

    Any tips how to establish this conn. via an ip?


  • razvanc

    razvanc - 2010-06-17

    sorry - don't have a lot of time to check right now but I believe that you don't need a control point. You can simply instantiate a Device from a URL or a description XML file downloaded from that URL and then just use the same code to invoke it…sniff around the Device and SErvice classes and see how that's done…you may need to access some internal private constructors to initialize them that way but should be possible. then just name the IP and port in the url…

  • Luca Di Luzio

    Luca Di Luzio - 2010-06-28

    Hey guys, I also would like to find out a way to access to my DLNA DMS device from my mobile when I'm not at home, so thru internet. My idea is to use the CyberLink for Java APIs to build an androind app on an Android phone, and just install some free DLNA server on my home PC which will detect the dlna DMS device where my audio collection is stored.
    I think I need to change cyberlink source code or add new class to allow my android device to find the DLNA DMS device even when I'm not at home.
    So, if you guys already found out the solution (or tried the one suggested by razvac), please just lemme know …It would be greatly appreciated!


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