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  • appoolloo

    appoolloo - 2004-05-14

    Hi there,

    First I would like to express my appreciation to people who created such a great library and made it open source.

    I'm trying to build a web-based GUI for a control point. The control point is built by removing swing code from the sample control point. It runs as a RMI server. Now I hit this problem - my GUI runs in a separate virtual machine(tomcat), I'm making remote calls to the control point. To get a list of devices, I can not simply call getDeviceList() because Device is not serializable. I can work around this by creating mimic classes for Device, Service and StateVariable etc and adding methods in my control point to return them. That's not my preferred solution because I have to duplicate things in the library and keep them up to date with it. I wonder if serialization is on the project plan. If you have any suggestions to my problem, please let me know.

    Thanks a lot,


    • Tim Malcolm

      Tim Malcolm - 2004-05-14

      One solution is to have your Control Point listen for HTTP requests, and return results as HTML. It works reasonably well, and in a home environment doesn't need to be as high-performance as a server like Tomcat.

    • appoolloo

      appoolloo - 2004-05-17

      Thank you for your answer.

      Can you be more specific please? I've read the example and the source code and believe a HTTP server is acompanied with the control point. It's automatically started when the control point is started. However I can't figure out how my client should talk to it. e.g. if I want to get a list of discovered devices, how should I construct the http request?


    • appoolloo

      appoolloo - 2004-05-18

      Looks like my questions are answered in the "Presentation Page" thread :-)


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