ControlPoint 'DeviceChangeListener' interface

  • Oliver Newell

    Oliver Newell - 2004-09-12

    Hi -

    I have found it useful to have callbacks trigger in my Control Point application when the ControlPoint base class adds or removes a device.  Below is the basic interface class - the Device instance being added/removed is passed to the callbacks, so inside the callbacks, all the Device methods
    (getManufacturer(), getFriendlyName(), etc...) can be accessed.

    import org.cybergarage.upnp.Device;

    public interface DeviceChangeListener
      public void deviceAdded( Device dev );
      public void deviceRemoved( Device dev );

    On the off-chance that others might find this useful,
    I posted the files that implement this under the 'DeviceChangeListener' subject in the feature request area.
    (patch to CLink.15 source)



    • arsenius

      arsenius - 2004-09-24

      That helped me alot, works great.  Thanks

    • Satoshi Konno

      Satoshi Konno - 2004-10-16

      It is a useful interface to know added and removed devices easily. Thanks :-)

      I merged the interface to my latest CyberLink for Java and C++, and the description to the documents today.

      I am very very busy on my business from last month. I am sorry to late reply.

    • Oliver Newell

      Oliver Newell - 2004-10-18

      Hi Satoshi -

      I'm glad that you found the interface 'Cyber-worthy'  :)

      Thanks for adding it...



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