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CGNS 3.0 Beta is Ready

The newest version of CGNS is available for download as a beta release. Many changes have been made, but a few of the more noticeable ones include the following:

* Build system has been changed from autotools to CMake
* Moving forward the HDF5 back-end will have preference
* cgnscalc and cgnssh have been disabled since they do not currently work

The new beta can be downloaded from the subversion repository at using the command svn co read more

Posted by Kyle Horne 2009-08-25

New Release 3 of UserGuideCode

Minor corrections in some routines.
Also new usage of ElementList (rather than PointList+GridLocation=FaceCenter) in write_bcpnts_str for unstructured example.

Posted by Christopher L. Rumsey 2008-03-06

New release of cgnstools

Changed cgnsplot to use a tree layout instead of lists, and added a cutting plane for viewing mesh cross-sections. Fixed a long standing bug in cgns_interpolate which was causing that program to work incorrectly or crash. Also added a VTK file export routine for CGNS files.

Posted by Bruce Wedan 2007-09-07

cgnslib_2.5 off beta status - new release

This new release adds "CG_" prefixes to the C preprocessor defines MODE_xxx, Null, and UserDefined. For example, MODE_READ is now CG_MODE_READ and Null is now CG_Null. The old defines are still currently supported. Support has been added to build the cgns library as a DLL under Windows. The NormalIndex arguments to cg_boco_info, cg_boco_normal_write are now optional (pass as 0 or NULL to ignore). Moved some of the CGNS utility programs, such as cgnscheck, to the subdirectory 'tools' in the cgns distribution. This may now be built without building cgnstools.

Posted by Bruce Wedan 2007-09-07

Final Release of cgnslib_2.4

There are minimal changes, primarily an update of version number from 2.42 to 2.46, and some minor bug fixes. The last digit on the version number is now ignored when reporting that a file was created with a newer version than the current library. (For example, and error will not be reported when reading a 2.46 file with a 2.42 cgns library).

Posted by Bruce Wedan 2007-09-07

New Release of CGNStools

This provides support for CGNSlib 2.5, GUI configuration using user's color scheme, and some improvements to the cgnscheck program

Posted by Bruce Wedan 2006-10-04

Initial Release of CGNSlib 2.5

This is a beta release which fixes the partial read/writes of element data and adds relative and path goto capability, a search path for linked files, and cgns library configuration options.

Posted by Bruce Wedan 2006-10-04

New Release of CGNSlib 2.4

This fixes a bug in ADF when compiling under 64-bit windows and other minor updates.

Posted by Bruce Wedan 2006-10-04

New Release of cgnslib_2.4

Fixed problems with memory leaks. Added cg_free to free strings allocated by library (i.e. cg_geo_read, cg_descriptor_read, cg_convergence_read, cg_state_read, and cg_link_read). Added cg_conn_read(write)_short from Rumsey. You may also use cg_conn_write with a NULL for the donor data. Added unstructured rind. Some minor bug fixes. Version number updated to 2.42

Posted by Bruce Wedan 2006-05-05

New Release of UserGuideCode

Modified User's Guide code to include C-coding of all examples. Some very slight modifications made to Fortran code as well (mostly comments, but fixed a few minor bugs also).

Posted by Christopher L. Rumsey 2005-12-12

New Release of CGNStools

Fixed some minor bugs in CGNSplot and cgnscheck. Improved the error and warning reporting in cgnscheck, and added support for unstructured rind.

Posted by Bruce Wedan 2005-08-23

Updates to CGNSlib 2.3 and 2.4 Released

These releases fixed a bug in cg_family_write and others where the wrong file (when multiple are open) might be accessed or a segfault occur. Added unstructured mesh rind to Version 2.4 and character strings for attributes in the ADFH interface. Improved the Fortran to C interface, particularly under Windows where support is included for Intel and Absoft Fortran compilers.

Posted by Bruce Wedan 2005-08-23

CGNSlib Version 2.4 Released

Version 2.4 includes the extensions by I.L. These extensions include 8 base units, partial read/write, Electromagnetics, 1tot1 connectivity properties, and extensions to the FamilyBC, BCDataSet and UserDefinedData.

Posted by Bruce Wedan 2004-12-02

ADFH (HDF5 interface) Released

A beta version of an HDF5 interface for the CGNS library has been released. This interface wraps the ADF API with HDF5 routines. The scripts and Makefiles for the CGNS tools have also been modified to support the new interface.

Posted by Bruce Wedan 2004-03-23

CGNSlib Version 2.3 Released

The major changes in this version over that of 2.2 is a significant speedup in reading and writing when dealing with a large number of zones and the reimplementation of ElementList and ElementRange for specifying boundary conditions.

Posted by Bruce Wedan 2004-01-28