CGNS 3.0 Beta is Ready

The newest version of CGNS is available for download as a beta release. Many changes have been made, but a few of the more noticeable ones include the following:

* Build system has been changed from autotools to CMake
* Moving forward the HDF5 back-end will have preference
* cgnscalc and cgnssh have been disabled since they do not currently work

The new beta can be downloaded from the subversion repository at using the command svn co

To build the new version, create a directory somewhere to store the new library. Then run CMake and provide the source and build directories. Specify the paths to the needed libraries. HDF5 will need to be built and installed before starting with CGNS. If HDF5 needs zlib or szip, that can be specified with a checkbox in the CMake GUI. After making a change in the GUI, the build needs to be configured. This may expose new options, such as the path to zlib and such.

Once the build has been configured, the library can be build using the standard make tool in the build directory. Some available targets are as follows:

* make = build the library, basic tools, and tests
* make test = run the tests
* make package = build a binary package for the current system
* make package_source = build a source package

Posted by Kyle Horne 2009-08-25

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