Hi Matthias,

Thanks for the reply. Just would like to say beforehand, I think
this cgkit module is excellent. Great stuff. =)

So far, the ma importer only recreates camera, light source and meshes.
But in theory, you could extend that and read the data from whatever
node you're interested, assuming you know how to process the data and
how to visualize the parts you are interested in. At least, the
low-level mayaascii module should allow you to get at all the data in
the file.

Tried opening the maya ascii file with viewer.py and its displaying
the current meshes listed. Ignoring nodes that it doesn't understand.
I'll remove all of the other unknown nodes to save viewer.py
reading on those.

I have never looked at cache files. Is the format documented somewhere?

I have been reading more on this, and .mc is maya nucleus cache.
There is an example on the devkit/pythonScript folder of maya installation
on how to read this binary file. Other than that, I don't think its documented well.


If you want to see the cache contents then I'm afraid this is what you
have to do. :) At least, there's nothing in cgkit so far that can read
Maya cache files.

These are the steps that im going to try:
- open up the maya file.
- import the latest cache file
- merge the cache file with the maya file.
- remove unknown nodes, and meshes history.
- save maya file.
- open maya ascii file with viewer.py

Will see how it goes.
Thanks muchly.