Yeah no problem.
Just run these lines of mel in Maya8.0's mel script editor.

///// START
// Create an expression called "FreezeMe" which uses Maya Python to print the string "Freeze Expression" to stdout.
expression -s "py \"print 'Freeze Expression'\" ;"  -o "" -n "FreezeMe" -ae 1 -uc all ;

// Use Maya Python to change the time/frame on the timeline ( and therefore update all the DG nodes ). The freeze occures at this point.
py "from maya.mel import currentTime; currentTime(2,e=None) "  ;

///// END

I imagine it is something to do with a call to the py mel command which invokes another call of the py mell command ?
If thats the case there may also be an issue with Maya scriptNode's containing python code.


On 12/04/07, Matthias Baas <> wrote:
Luke Titley wrote:
> Hey, I've been using Maya Python loads. Its a great tool thanks.
> One thing I noticed is that if I use pySource in an expression and then
> change my current time in another python script with the currentTime.
> Maya will freeze.
> Its not a big problem but I just thought i'd post it.

Thanks for the feedback. Can you post an example script or tell me the
steps to reproduce the problem. Then I'll try to have a look at it (even
though I still have to set up my new computer to be able to compile the
stuff again...)

- Matthias -

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