not a big deal I was just thinking it would be nice for someone writing example ribs,
for bug reports, tutorials or whatnot.
I suppose if I really wanted to I could write my own python rib parser that
created a more aesthetic looking file.


On 3/17/07, Matthias Baas <> wrote:
bill nieuwendorp wrote:
> I have been using the Ri module from cgkit allot lately.
> I was wondering if there were any options I had not noticed in the way of
> prettying up the final output with white space indentations?

There is no such option, sorry. The generated RIB was always meant to be
read by a renderer instead of a human being. (By the way, wouldn't it be
easier to read the Python source code that generates the RIB instead of
the RIB itself?)

- Matthias -

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