Hi there ! i used CGkit a while ago, on windows. Now i'm back in business, but on OSX with the 2 alpha 8.

I've experienced several problem trying to install it on an "out of the box Léopard with Apple's Python" but finally got it. (i will talk about this in another post, just to have your opinion).

Anyway, when executing viewer.py, i've noticed some error about cgkitinfo:

    import os.path, cgkitinfo

raise an error, cgkitinfo not beeing found as a module. I've made a workaround editing the __init and replacing

    import cgkitinfo


    import cgkit.cgkitinfo as cgkitinfo

and that way, i had the viewer launch properly, and be able to see my wonderful bi-color Sphere in Opengl

Is this the normal ? and is this the correct way ?


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