• Nick Porcino

    Nick Porcino - 2005-04-23

    final newbie question for the day.

    i can see the ogreviewer.py file in CVS, but it doesn't seem to be part of the installer.

    i tried manually downloading the ogreviewer, but the distributed _core.pyd doesn't actually have the ogre stuff in it.

    I noticed from the PyOgre page that PyOgre is being rewritten. Is now not a good time to try out the ogre integration in cgkit?

    • Szabolcs Nagy

      Szabolcs Nagy - 2005-04-23

      i've got some problem with ogreviewer too.
      i've tried to build cgkit from source with ogreviewer capability, but gcc said:
      gcc: wrappers/ogre/OgreCore.cpp: No such file or directory

      where can i get this OgreCore.cpp (as it's not included in either version of cgkit)?

      • Matthias Baas

        Matthias Baas - 2005-04-24

        Well, yes, sorry, just recently I was told that the source archive is actually missing some files....ahem...
        The next release will be complete and in the meantime you can get an updated version of the .tar.gz here:

        This archive contains all the source files. By the way, currently you still need OGRE v0.15.x to build the package. They threw out the event handling stuff from OGRE v1.0 which we are using, so the package won't build with v1.0.

        - Matthias -

    • Matthias Baas

      Matthias Baas - 2005-04-24

      The Windows binaries contain everything but the OGRE stuff (which is only mentioned in the release notes). The main problem is that OGRE requires quite a lot of DLLs which I also had to provide. Currently, I'm not sure what the best way would be to do so. I could either put everything into cgkit or let it up to the user to get the required DLLs from ogre3d.org. That's why I currently leave it up to the user to build the package with OGRE support...

      Actually, we are not using PyOgre (it wasn't available back then). The OGRE stuff in cgkit requires the C++ version of OGRE. But this is something that has to be reconsidered. Using PyOgre could make some things quite a bit easier for us...

      - Matthias -


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