from protocols import interface

  • Nick Porcino

    Nick Porcino - 2005-04-23

    It's in Interfaces/

    Where do I get protocols from?

    I don't seem to have such a module in my python installation

    • Nick Porcino

      Nick Porcino - 2005-04-23

      ok, answering my own questions... found the manual page...


    • Nick Porcino

      Nick Porcino - 2005-04-23

      In order to run the bunny demo (shownormals), i had to modify


      from scene import getScene


      from cgkit.scene import getScene

      for whatever reason, from PyOpenGL was taking precedence, and rather than monkey with search paths, i thought it would be better to make the import explicit

      • Matthias Baas

        Matthias Baas - 2005-04-24

        This is rather odd as and belong to the same package, so when imports the scene module it should always refer to the local module inside the package and not some external module stored elsewhere.

        From where did you invoke the shownormals example? How exactly did you invoke the viewer tool?
        What version of PyOpenGL do you have installed? In my version ( there's only one file called "" which is located in <site-packages>/OpenGL/Demo/redbook. This path isn't in the module search path, so it should never be picked up by Python. Is there another in your version?
        Do you have anything "special" in your module searchpath? Do you have PYTHONPATH set? What does sys.path say?

        - Matthias -


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